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Day 3

May 10, 2016

Evening everyone!!!


If you have been following my work you might have realized that I normally shoot in location, so, of course the project is gonna be based on different locations!

This is actually one of my favourite parts when I decided to plan a photoshoot: the place. 

The place needs to be special, it needs to be magic, and needs to make me feel that I want to shoot something beautiful there.

Mainly it's going to be a forest, I am so in love with nature, can't get enough of it!


One of the things I love from London is that there is nature all around, and if you need more of it it's only like 40 min train trip! 

So, I am still looking for places to shoot, I do have ideas of what I want and need but let's take this as an excuse to go to the countryside hahahaha.


The past Sunday the weather couldn't have been better, it was not just sunny, it was actually warm and nice, normally I work during the weekends or I am busy doing some other stuff but this weekend I decided that I needed to see the bluebells. 

You guys know how I looooooove those little flowers, they are one of the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

There is a small spot in Wanstead Park where they grow and all the three years I have been living here in London I've gone to see the bluebells, this year I was a little bit late as they were already dying but, seriously I can't complaint, the weather was just great. I went with my flatmates and some friends, it was a beautiful afternoon.


I'll leave you some images! 








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