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Day 2

May 7, 2016

I am really sorry but this time I decided to write just in English as it's easier, or it should be! hahahaha


It's not actually day 2 at all as I've been doing stuff every now and then when I had the chance; the corset is halfway finished!!


Today I've been doing one of the crowns, this one is for the shoot "The Queen of Birds" which is basically going to be all black, the main theme is based on a crow, the corset would be the star piece of the shoot! 

I am finding this quite easy and calm, I love doing handcrafted stuff it makes you feel relaxed!


The next thing I am planning to do is go to the forest to find the perfect spots for all the shoots, I might go next Sunday.


I am really excited for next weekend as I will be attending Bella Kotak's workshop here in London!!! I can't wait!, really looking forward to learn more and work with new people as since I moved to London I have hardly worked with other creatives (Photographers, mainly)


Credit of the photos to Joan as he was trying his new Canon EOS 760D, nice price for the actual camera!!!! 





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