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Colored Winter

January 31, 2015

This photoshoot is a little bit special, as I had the opportunity to work with Sara.

She is one of the first persons I met here in London; we always wanted to shoot together, but most of the time both of us are busy. Without thinking we decided to shoot this past Thursday.

I love Sara's hair, when she decided to dye it blue I was really happy as it's a beautiful color (I'm so obsessed with crazy colors hair!!!)


For this shoot I wanted something different, something I've never used before, and I remembered that I was struggling to shoot with smoke grenades... and I found them here in London! Quite easy though, not so easy is to use them!!!

I'm going to explain a little bit the shoot as, for instance we thought it was not going to happen at all.

First of all, I didn't check the weather... after all this years shooting outdoors knowing that the most important thing to do is check the weather... It didn't happend! I wanted to be cloudy and not windy (obviously....) ok, sunny and windy! Oh well, thanks London! Despise the crazy cold (-1 degrees) we continued with the plan.


Train cancelled... amazing!


Well, finally we got there.... got changed, make up...and everything done, ready, steady.... go!

I had never used a smoke grenade in my life before, never... I was so afraid to pull the ring.

Ok, first one, done... fire in the hole!!! I couldn't never believe how much smoke that thing makes!!!! and I bought the little ones!! It lasts at least for 1 minute of smoke, it's super powerful, and super pigmented. Bought 4: orange, blue (I loooove this one, soooo colorful), white, purple.

It's a little bit complicated to shoot with the smoke as the model can see at all.... and you can't see neither! But anyway, I'm happy with the result. I'll try for sure again in other shoot.


Here I leave you the photos, hope you like them!



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