August 2, 2015

Some weeks ago I started a new project, one photo each week during all year, that means 52 photos, to be fair, is more like a way of feeling the obligation to shoot every day, or at least, once a week ;)

So yeah, basically I can't get out of my obsession with forests... maybe it's because I do miss them more than I thought I was going to do it.


I'm planning a new shoot in some weeks, so I went for another walk to Epping Forest; this time no rain, no cold, other way round: sunny and really hot!!!

Went with my friend Diana which I already shoot some months ago.

I'm trying to do different stuff and...

July 16, 2015


London always knows how to surprise me. 

Everywhere you look you can find amazing places, and whats even better is that if you visit this places on the different seasons they change completly!! 


My full time job is next to Regents Park, and since I bought new lenses for my camera I wanted to try them.

I asked this two beautiful girls (which work with me) to come for a afternoon walk around the gardens of Regents Park, and, of course, we had the company of the golden light.


Enjoy guys!




July 13, 2015


Being a photographer sometimes is like living on a roller coaster. 

Some days I want to continue creating and some days I just want to sell everything, pack and go back home without looking backwards....

I guess is this city where everything and everywhere is busy, always busy.


Today, after 2 years we finally went to Epping Forest, besides we used to live quite near we never found the moment to go and check 'what's going on there': delighted I think is the correct word I want to use for what I felt.

The weather was terrible, as usual in London, once we stepped off the train it started to ra...

June 21, 2015

It was nice to shoot again with Ollie, she contacted me months ago for one of her fashion brands, and this time we shoot for her other brand: Serendipity.

All her clothes are really colourful and with this kind of summer-indian style, mixed with a bit of gipsy.

She asked me to look for the location for the shoot, and she wanted a colourful place as well, to mix her clothes.... couldn't think of a better place. This little piece of London is next to Covent Garden and every wall has a different color, it was a really sunny day, perfect for this shoot.


Asta was amazing as the MUA, and both of the m...

May 7, 2015

Since the first time I went to this little piece of forest I felt in love.

Last year I had the pleasure of going here at the correct time of the year and found that it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my whole life; that purple carpet, with the yellowish light made me feel like in a dream, unlucky last year I didn't have the occasion on going back again and take some good photos.

This year I tried my hard to get everything sorted in time to go again and make one of my 'dream photo shoots' come true.

Talked to Romina from Blush & Blood Beauty (MUA) and asked her if she would wa...

March 29, 2015

After almost 4 months planning this photoshoot we finally did it.


The whole idea of the little deer antlers came with all the autumn feeling, but because of the weather, problems with the first make up artist and so on... the photoshoot was delayed until two weeks ago.


Since I moved to London I didn't have the chance to work with a professional make up artist, and I was lucky I found Romina from Blush & Blood Beauty (I'll post later all the links), she does an amazing job, seriously.


Need to me mention as well Aisling, the model, which I enjoyed working with, she was really good enduring the c...

January 31, 2015

This photoshoot is a little bit special, as I had the opportunity to work with Sara.

She is one of the first persons I met here in London; we always wanted to shoot together, but most of the time both of us are busy. Without thinking we decided to shoot this past Thursday.

I love Sara's hair, when she decided to dye it blue I was really happy as it's a beautiful color (I'm so obsessed with crazy colors hair!!!)


For this shoot I wanted something different, something I've never used before, and I remembered that I was struggling to shoot with smoke grenades... and I found them here in London! Quit...

November 29, 2014

It's been a while since I last posted but it's been crazy!!


I'm so happy that finally I could shoot with Laura!

We had an amazing morning walking through Camden Town.


We really didn't prepared nothing at all, as we didn't know until the last minute if we were going to meet, but despise all this I am really happy with the result.


Nothing special thou, just some shoots of the corners of Camden!


Hope you enjoy it guys! 




October 19, 2014

A little bit Halloween based 


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