Ale y Cris se conocieron en Edimburgo; esa ciudad maravillosamente lúgubre y romántica que tanto enamora. 

Tuve la suerte de fotografiarles en uno de mis rincones favoritos de la capital Escocesa, en uno de esos días tan tristones. 

November 18, 2017

Hello there wonderful people!

I am super excited to release my calendars for the upcoming 2018 year!

Last year I had so much support from you all that I decided to create a brand new calendar for the 2018 so you can hang it on your wall!

As I want everyone to get their hands on one of these I am going to do a pre-sale period and then once I roughly know how many of you want one I will print them and send them over just before the start of next year, don't worry if you just decide to buy it later on I will have spare ones!

I am going to print the Wall Calendar (21x28) and a Desktop Calendar so you...

September 29, 2016

(Spanish below)

Sometimes we really don't know what we are able to do until we sit down and think about it with positivity and with faith in ourselves.

I've got so much to live, to learn, to fall over and stand up... 

This project has been and it's a really important part of my soul, it has challenged me in ways that I never thought I was gonna be able to work, I have invested a lot of hours, free time, spare time and even time that I didn't have just because I had this idea in my mind and I really needed to pull it out and make it real. 

I want to give a huge thank you to all the people that has...

May 10, 2016

Evening everyone!!!


If you have been following my work you might have realized that I normally shoot in location, so, of course the project is gonna be based on different locations!

This is actually one of my favourite parts when I decided to plan a photoshoot: the place. 

The place needs to be special, it needs to be magic, and needs to make me feel that I want to shoot something beautiful there.

Mainly it's going to be a forest, I am so in love with nature, can't get enough of it!


One of the things I love from London is that there is nature all around, and if you need more of it it's only like...

May 7, 2016

I am really sorry but this time I decided to write just in English as it's easier, or it should be! hahahaha


It's not actually day 2 at all as I've been doing stuff every now and then when I had the chance; the corset is halfway finished!!


Today I've been doing one of the crowns, this one is for the shoot "The Queen of Birds" which is basically going to be all black, the main theme is based on a crow, the corset would be the star piece of the shoot! 

I am finding this quite easy and calm, I love doing handcrafted stuff it makes you feel relaxed!


The next thing I am planning to do is go to the f...

April 24, 2016



Bueno, pues esta va a ser una entrada un tanto diferente a lo que llevo haciendo estos años atrás, he decidido hacer algo distinto ya que a veces los cambios son buenos. 

Si me seguís en Flickr  sabréis que hace un mes subí una fotografía explicando un proyecto que tenía en mente, y de eso quiero hablaros.


Al igual que comente en Flickr este Invierno ha sido bastante dificil para mi, fue un altibajo de emociones, y el no ver el Sol tan a menudo me hizo estar bastante baja de ánimo, creedme que nunca llegue a pensar que podría echar en falta el Sol, pero lo hice, y mucho.

La verdad es que el In...

February 15, 2016

 I can't think of a better way of celebrating Saint Valentine's day than having an engagement photo shoot!!!!

This are Aisling and Mika.

Aisling was one of the first creatives I met in London, and we have been supporting each other for a long time now; I've already worked with her before as a model , but she is a really talented photographer as well (


Aisling and Mika met one night and he instantly fall in love with her, they kept talking and Mika's love for Aisling didn't do anything else but grow, since then they've been really close to each other.

They are a funny...

January 26, 2016

I have been living in London now for 3 years and I have rarely made any kind of touristic stuff, I either to busy for doing that or I just don't feel that way hahahahaha. 

My parents always told me that I was going to fall in love with Kew Gardens, so after a while thinking where to go on one of my days off I decided it needed to be there.

I arranged a group of people from work to go there and it was lovely.

I did fall in love with the place and I am looking forward to go during Spring, I really missed the flowers though, but the weather was really nice as well so it helped. 



December 18, 2015

(English Below)


Hacia tiempo que queria hacer este viaje.

Praga es una de esas ciudades que siempre he visto en fotos o incluso mis padres me han hablado de ella y siempre he querido ir.

Y, sinceramente, volvere. 

Es una ciudad magica, y muy tradicionalista, cosa que amo.

La comida es insuperable, y la cerveza es increible.

Desde Praga cogimos un tren hasta Viena donde estuvimos otros 2 dias y medio.

Viena es ostentosa, grande como ella misma, desprende poder por todos sitios. Los edificios son preciosos y majestuosos. 

Todo esto acompañado de este aroma singular de navidad, con sus mercadillos y sus...

September 7, 2015

I've known Aidan for almost 2 years now, we used to work together at ZSL London Zoo, in different departments and we realized that we had some things in common.
At some point he told me he was going to get married in a year time.
Some months ago, at the beginning of this year he contacted me and asked me if I would like to be his wedding photographer, I said yes without hesitation!


On the 8th of August: Aidan and Brad, who decided to get married while they were in Japan, said yes to each other.
It's been one of the most beautiful, creative, original and unique weddings if ever been before....

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